Phrases about 'Goofy'

I don't want to do the nerdy, goofy guy again. That was really fitting for the 'Napoleon' world, but that's kind of where I want it to stay.

Author: Aaron Ruell - American Director
  Want , World , Stay , Goofy

I'm pretty goofy, I'll do anything for a laugh.

Author: Cody Linley - American Actor
  Pretty , Anything , Laugh , Goofy

I may be goofy, I may be corny, and I may be cheesy, but I'm me.

Author: Colton Underwood - American Athlete
  Me , Goofy , May , Corny

I was terribly gawky, too goofy to become a high-kicking cheerleader, with stringy brown hair and bad posture. Definitely nobody noticeable!

Author: Helen Slater - American Actress
  Bad , Nobody , Hair , Goofy

Adam Sandler is truly brilliant. He plays these goofy characters, but he is a brilliant fellow.

Author: Henry Winkler - American Actor
  He , Goofy , Brilliant , Fellow

I was a dork. I'm still kind of goofy and clumsy and not always the most graceful person.

Author: Katrina Bowden - American Actress
  Always , Person , Goofy , Graceful

I'm incredibly inspired by the goofy edginess of teenagers and young people.

Author: Luca Guadagnino - Italian Director
  People , Young , Goofy , Inspired

You can't embarrass Joss Whedon, he's got no pride! He fully admits it. 'Oh, it's me. I'm little and goofy.' You can't wound his pride. He's too self-deprecating.

Author: Nathan Fillion - Canadian Actor
  You , Me , Pride , Goofy

I'm just a goofy, self-deprecating person.

Author: Sarah Rafferty - American Actress
  Just , Person , Goofy , Self-Deprecating

I'm a weird goofy dork.

Author: Zoe Quinn - American Artist
  Goofy , Weird , Dork