Phrases about 'Like'

If I could start with anybody, I would initially draft Tom Brady. Then I would go get Ray Lewis, and then maybe an offensive lineman, or somebody like Adrian Peterson.

Author: Barry Sanders - American Athlete
  Start , Like , Go , Get

Songs are like anything else - they dictate to you which ones go together and which ones don't.

Author: Brian Fallon - American Musician
  You , Like , Go , Together

It's so warm now, and Thanksgiving came so early - is it just me, or does it not really feel like Ramadan?

Author: David Letterman - American Comedian
  Me , Feel , Like , Thanksgiving

I like to write about a lot of things, which is why my books are different. This is probably why I don't like to write sequels, but chiefly I like to write about people.

Author: Katherine Paterson - American Author
  People , Why , Like , Things

Access by kids to the Internet should be like kids breathing clean air.

Author: Nicholas Negroponte - American Businessman
  Internet , Like , Air , Clean

I like to push people till I get the truth out of them.

Author: Mark E. Smith - English Musician
  People , Like , Truth , Push

Twenty years and $40 billion. They seem like good round numbers.

Author: Michael Dell - American Businessman
  Like , Good , Years , Numbers

Recently, I looked back at my first manuscripts and was struck by the lack of space, of breath. That's exactly how it felt, back then... like I was suffocating.

Author: Patrick Modiano - French Novelist
  Back , Like , Space , How

Women, on average, earn less than men in almost every occupation, including traditional female orientated jobs like nursing and teaching.

Author: Sander Levin - American Politician
  Like , Men , Women , Earn

Sometimes I get so pumped up, I get a headache. I get woozy. I get dizzy. I like that feeling, I don't know why.

Author: Torii Hunter - American Athlete
  Sometimes , Know , Like , Feeling