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Here you are. You are one of us. You don't want emptiness. Neither a blank mug, nor a empty t-shirt. You search for objects with personality. Items with an impressive quote or phrase. This items will define you. And here in the store you will find them.

Thank you for visiting our Phrases and Quotes Online Store. Words, articles and proverbs we hope you find cool and interesting.

The coolest phrases store !

Vinyl with quote adventure awaits

Make your walls be unique!

Cushion with quote

You love resting and what a great idea to do it with a unique cushion. Put a pillow with a phrase you like in your life!

Mug with quote

Give a nice message for breakfast or coffee time. Give yourself another one !

T-shirt with phrase life is good
T-Shirt Woman

Woman t-shirts. You just take a look and choose what wear today, we will send it to you !


It will mainly protect the front of your body. You will use it to avoid staining or as a uniform. Anywhere at home or at work, choose the one you like the most and enjoy it!

keyring with quote

Don't forget your keys... Carry them with a inspirational quote!


They welcome, they send messages of encouragement, present the house rules, make you smile, they give you love. Check them out to see which one you like best!


Stickers four your life, your agenda, your notes. Take one!

Baby boy cloth with quote
Baby Boys Bodies

Phrases about mom, dad, friends and family. Original designs to choose from. In the early stages of his life, dress him with the best phrases.

Notebook with quotes

Just stay inspired to be Yourself and live life to your fullest potential. Perfect to give as a gift for you or a loved one, or both!

Signs with quote

Stick it or hung it. It will look nice!

T-shirt with quote Sometimes Motivation Finds you
T-shirts Man

You just take a look and choose what wear today, we will send it to you !

Wallet with quote

Wallets with phrases can make a present original

Pins about books

Your passion for phrases is not a one day thing. Take you simbol with you, close to your heart!

Hair Towels

Be super gentle on your hair. A towle will not make your hair frizzy and also will not damage it like blow drying.

Towels Bath
Towels Bath

Useful and also beautiful. Decorated, colorful, spiritual, romantic, fun .... Choose one!

Candle for present

A beautifull Detail. Make a Gift or take a Souvenirs for that celebration you want to be special.


Don't forget about that nice habit... Reading!


The best umbrellas are better if they inspire you!

School backpacks for everyone
School Bag

School backpacks for everyone. With Design, light and beautiful. Choose yours and take it with you!

Led Zeppelin T-shirt

Follow your vibe and carry your favourite band with you!

Albums with quotes/phrases

Now you can have your own album with a design including inspirational quotes and phrases. Just choose the photos you will keep inside !

Baby Girls Bodysuits

Phrases about mom, dad, friends and family. Original designs to choose from. In the early stages of her life, dress her with the best phrases.

Calendar with quote or phrase

Here you will find personalized calendars that will remind you what special you are. Enjoy!

Tote bag with quote
Tote bags

Lets go ! Be different carying a tote bag that defines you !

Blankets decorated

Super soft blankets with decorative themes. For your sofa, bed, living room. Surely it is a Great Gift for your Children, Family, Friends or for yourself!

Unique, creative people

Phrases are more than decoration. More than ornament. They are culture, a declaration of Fundamental Principles, Aims and Goals. They are for people that swim 'upstream.'

As if that were not enough, a lot of this phrases have been an inspiration for songs, music ideas, poems, movies. They have been a Flagship for numerous social movements. Is there anything more free and cool than a social movement ?

More than words!

Our passion goes far beyond just the store. It is more than words. We defend The beauty and ideals of all these quotes. In our → blog and our Phrases and Quotes Online Store you will find entries exploring history, biographies, articles related to the fascinating world of poetry, music, literature and education. We like to smell the freedom this phrases represent. We love their mysticism.

Welcome to our community. Enjoy all the products you will find here. And of course, don't hesitate contacting us for any information or question you would like to ask. We will be glad to serve you for good.

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