Phrases about 'Look'

I want to be able to give a positive image for people to look up to.

Author: Ashleigh Murray - American Actress
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I used to wake up and look at our analytics and think, 'What if yesterday was the last day anyone used Pinterest?' Like, everyone collectively decided, 'We're done!' Over time I got more confidence.

Author: Ben Silbermann - American Businessman
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You can get fake fur, which, if that's what you want - if you want that fur look - it looks just the same. It's really unnecessary to skin an animal when you can get something that looks just the same without hurting anything.

Author: Christian Serratos - American Actress
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When you look at our Godzilla, you won't feel any nostalgia.

Author: Dean Devlin - American Director
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Interestingly, when I look at pictures of me when I was five or six years old, I think I look pretty stylish.

Author: G-Dragon - South Korean Musician
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Hublot is a great high quality brand which represents modern, stylish, masculine look.

Author: Gennady Golovkin - Athlete
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I'll turn on the TV or look at a magazine, and it's like, 'Who is this person?' And you find out they are from '16 and Pregnant,' and I'm like, 'Really? They're celebrities now?' You read about them on the news having fights and breakups, and I think, 'Well, of course.'

Author: Josh Hopkins - American Actor
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Work-life balance for founders doesn't look like work-life balance for everyone else. Starting a company isn't a nine-to-six job - or a nine-to-nine job, or a nine-to-midnight job.

Author: Kathryn Minshew - American Businesswoman
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If you look at the direction that the world is taking from an advertising and marketing point of view, it is significantly becoming a world that's all about video and all about doing things programmatically. Now what AerServ has is best in-class technology in the form of video programmatic... our acquisition of them gives us that capability.

Author: Naveen Tewari - Indian Businessman
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When listening to politicians, distinguish certain words. Look out for the expansive use of 'terrorism' and 'extremism.' Be alive to the fatal notions of 'exception' and 'emergency.' Be angry about the treacherous use of patriotic vocabulary.

Author: Timothy D. Snyder - American Author
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