Phrases about 'Hard'

It's so hard to make a comedy pilot and have a cool idea.

Author: David Walton - American Actor
  Hard , Cool , Comedy , Pilot

Being a novelist is hard for anyone - male or female. You don't get to quit your day job.

Author: Jennifer Weiner - American Writer
  You , Day , Job , Hard

Is my ability what it was at, say, 25 or 30 years old? Probably not, but I like to compete. I like to go out and play the game hard.

Author: Jim Thome - American Athlete
  Say , Game , Play , Hard

It would be hard to find a more compelling example of the American dream than Alberto Gonzales.

Author: Jon Kyl - American Politician
  American , Hard , Dream , American Dream

Any parent who says parenting came easily to them is not being honest with themselves. Parenting is hard.

Author: Karamo Brown - American Entertainer
  Being , Hard , Parent , Parenting

I did 'Shameless' on Showtime, and I felt like I really tried to go super-method with that, and it would just make my days really hard to get in and out of character.

Author: Laura Slade Wiggins - American Actress
  Like , Go , Character , Hard

The true value of somebody in this town is very hard to determine. It's all smoke and mirrors.

Author: Mark Ruffalo - American Actor
  Value , True , Hard , Smoke

I try to tell the truth in my lyrics; write good melodies and make hard beats. So, basically, I just combine hip-hop with melody. That's how I classify myself.

Author: Mike Posner - American Musician
  Myself , Good , Truth , Hard

It is hard to put aside partisanship. It is hard to give up the easy wisecracking jeer that divides and destroys. It is hard - very hard - to have worked sincerely and wholeheartedly for a cause and to have lost. Most of all, it is hard to put aside personal prejudices. And yet we must put these things aside.

Author: Stephen Vincent Benet - American Poet
  Lost , Easy , Hard , Personal

We like to think that we practice so hard that the games are easy.

Author: Tom Herman - American Coach
  Think , Easy , Hard , Practice