Phrases about 'People'

A lot of people say, 'AC/DC - that's the band with the little guy who runs around in school shorts!'

Author: Angus Young - Scottish Musician
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I have high heels in my bags if I need them for a shoot. But I like sneakers. I like being comfortable. I like to sit on the floor with my team and work. I don't like to sit in fancy chairs. It's really important to the culture of my company that people understand who they're working for.

Author: Bobbi Brown - American Businesswoman
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I've done a lot of things and I've been a lot of people, but now I've come to realize who I am.

Author: Bobby Darin - American Musician
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What people actually refer to as research nowadays is really just Googling.

Author: Dermot Mulroney - American Actor
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I meet a lot of people after shows, and I have to say it's pretty intense.

Author: Frankie Cosmos - American Musician
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My personal life is in the spotlight, but people say what they want to say. The truth isn't in the spotlight, I should say. I'm in the spotlight, but not the truth.

Author: Hope Solo - American Athlete
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I feel like not only are 'Parenthood' fans passionate, but that passion has grown over the run of the show and people got more invested as the show has gone on. That really does help keep shows on the air.

Author: Jason Katims - American Writer
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I think everyone is always measuring themselves against other people to a certain degree; it happens automatically, and it's hard not to be this way at least some of the time.

Author: Meg Wolitzer - American Writer
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People think of DiMaggio as the exemplar of a 'golden age,' and in some ways, he was. But in the most fundamental ways, he was really the first modern athletic superstar because, number one, he ushered in the era of big money; and number two, he never did anything except that - he never really took another job in another industry.

Author: Richard Ben Cramer - American Journalist
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It's possible to train great people, but a person with great training who doesn't have certain characteristics is only going to go so far.

Author: Wendy Kopp - American Public Servant
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