Phrases about 'People'

People dance and we have a lot of music and... this might be the closet I get for a while.

Author: Cameron Crowe - American Director
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I pick out young people and teach them in less time than it would take me to alter the methods of people from the boards, and I get actors who look the parts they have to fill.

Author: D. W. Griffith - American Director
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I received most of my business education around the dinner table. Whether I listened to my father or brothers, or we had business people as dinner guests, I learned from everyone.

Author: Dylan Lauren - American Businesswoman
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I think people imagine that your fame somehow sort of equates with how much you get paid.

Author: Jennifer Saunders - British Comedian
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I hate old people, I hate children. I think any celebrity that adopts a child from a third world country is a fool.

Author: Joan Rivers - American Comedian
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The acceptance of the facts of African-American history and the African-American historian as a legitimate part of the academic community did not come easily. Slavery ended and left its false images of black people intact.

Author: John Henrik Clarke - American Author
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In Gaul were two orders, the nobility and the priesthood, while the people, says Caesar, were all slaves.

Author: John Lothrop Motley - American Historian
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A lot of people say to me, 'Why did you kill Christ?' I dunno, it was one of those parties, got out of hand, you know.

Author: Lenny Bruce - American Comedian
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Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.

Author: Leo Burnett - American Businessman
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One of the biggest challenges we had in the first decade was not that many people had personal computers. There weren't that many people to sell to, and it was hard to identify them.

Author: Steve Case - American Businessman
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