Phrases about 'People'

I don't even really know what the big bang is, and so when people want to go through and say, 'Well, I believe that the universe started by God starting it,' that's fine by me.

Author: Brian Schmidt - Australian Scientist
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I believe that people start to get into trouble when they start to believe their own hype.

Author: Debby Ryan - American Actress
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Why tell a story that people have seen 900 times? That's not interesting artistically.

Author: Dede Gardner - American Producer
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I've always stood on one fact - that all over the world, there are only two things, the Establishment and the poor people. The poor people are a massive majority and across the world they are exploited in different kinds of ways. The Establishment depends on exploiting raw materials and the poor.

Author: Hugh Masekela - South African Musician
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In L.A., anytime a show is a success, people come out of the woodwork claiming they had the idea first.

Author: Michael Avenatti - American Lawyer
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LeBron is the best player in our league, but some people have a hard time playing with him.

Author: Paul George - American Athlete
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Most of those people who saw themselves as literary types at university became bank managers.

Author: Simon Mawer - British Author
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The SAS is the most elite of the special forces in the world. They are not people who go out and advertise; they keep it inside. They don't want anybody to know about them.

Author: Taylor Hackford - American Director
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Choose to be kind. Choose to forgive. Let your love grow and shine so that people may look at the example of your life and glorify God in Heaven.

Author: Victoria Osteen - American Clergyman
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Anyone can identify with those moments in life where circumstances or people inform us that we've strayed from the path of our better nature and intentions. We know what that's like, and we resist it - so as not to feel like we're bad people.

Author: Viggo Mortensen - American Actor
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