Phrases about 'Me'

People have asked me about the 19th century and how I knew so much about it. And the fact is I really grew up in the 19th century, because North Carolina in the 1950s, the early years of my childhood, was exactly synchronous with North Carolina in the 1850s. And I used every scrap of knowledge that I had.

Author: Allan Gurganus - American Novelist
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Every job I've done so far, every character has been completely different, and that's really important to me because I don't want to fall into a stereotypical box. Of course, every actor has their box, and you have to respect and play for it, but I do love challenging myself.

Author: Aneurin Barnard - Welsh Actor
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I prefer it when the conductor follows me. It is more difficult to work with a conductor who does not listen - even if I understand that sometimes it makes sense when one person is ruling everything. But for bel canto, I have to have a conductor who listens and supports me.

Author: Anna Netrebko - Russian Musician
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I had just been promoted to the first rugby team. It was a perfect, wonderful coming of age. My brother was already in the team, and my father had come to watch us. We went home, and my father died in front of me. Horribly, in about half an hour. He had a heart attack.

Author: Anthony Browne - British Writer
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I would never become a big, big model in the commercial sense because I was such a type; you couldn't use me in everything.

Author: China Machado - Chinese Model
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I spent a lot of time in London when I was growing up and I've always picked up accents without even really meaning to. It used to get me into trouble as a child.

Author: Christopher Guest - British Director
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Once, I was going to a film event, and someone told me not to wear high heels to it. They said that it might intimidate the men. For some reason, I was ready to take their cue, but about an hour later, something in my head started ringing, and I thought, 'That is the worst advice anybody's ever given me.'

Author: Evelyne Brochu - Canadian Actress
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Growing up, Tina Turner was definitely one of my influences, and, um, I take things from different artists, and I put them in my music, and I put them in my persona and my - they help me form into the artist that I am, so - for people to actually hear that come through the music is exciting.

Author: La'Porsha Renae - American Musician
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Living in China, I found out that the bright new world was not for me, not for defectors. My life in North Korea had been OK; suddenly, in China, I had to feed myself and earn money. Worst of all, North Korean defectors are hunted by the government.

Author: Lee Hyeon-seo - South Korean Writer
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My dad took me to the racetrack for the first time when I was 2 or 3... Anything with a motor, that was in my blood.

Author: Lynsi Torres - American Businesswoman
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