Phrases about 'Person'

When you're younger and traveling and visiting new countries and cities, that stuff is exciting; it's flashy, it's shiny, but I always had this separation between who I was as a person and who I was as a player.

Author: Abby Wambach - American Athlete
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I decided to teach because I think that any person who studies philosophy has to be involved actively.

Author: Angela Davis - American Activist
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I'm not really a strange person or anything, so if there's music I like, usually there's other people who like it too.

Author: Ben Folds - American Musician
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It's quite extraordinary to hear a supposedly learned person call the United States a leading terrorist nation, one of the leading terrorist nations in the world. It's false and very treacherous teaching.

Author: Bill Bennett - Canadian Politician
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There is much about the shared terrain of being a black person in the United States that is not seen on small or silver screens or in museums or best-selling books, and much of what gets ignored in the mainstream thrives, and is celebrated, on Twitter.

Author: Jenna Wortham - American Journalist
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I'm a private person; I stick to my neighbourhood and eat in my little restaurants.

Author: Juno Temple - English Actress
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Any person who has reached an elite level has had to start somewhere, and it's all from grass-roots level.

Author: Karen Carney - English Athlete
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Every person you meet has a story.

Author: Laura Lippman - American Author
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It's really cathartic to play my songs live. I'm a really non-confrontational person, so my songs are kind of like all the things I never get to say to anyone.

Author: Soccer Mommy - American Musician
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I'm definitely a glass-is-always-half-full, not half-empty, kind of person. Which is why I love living in America.

Author: Victoria Beckham - English Musician
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