Phrases about 'Life'

I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.

Author: Arsene Wenger - French Coach
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Water is life, and clean water means health.

Author: Audrey Hepburn - Belgian Actress
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I am what I am. I'm not going to get plastic surgery. I had this discussion with my younger son. We were at a dermatologist, and this dermatologist suggested to me that I wanted to avoid wrinkles. Those wrinkles show that I have laughed a lot in my life, why should I want to erase that? Why would I erase the traces of my life which I loved?

Author: Barbara Sukowa - German Actress
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If you are a junkyard dog, you assume that that's what life is: chained up, barking all day.

Author: Bruce Robinson - English Director
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My parents were in the book business, my brothers still run the Dutton bookstores in Los Angeles, and I've been interested in editing books and journals all of my life.

Author: Denis Dutton - New Zealander Philosopher
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I want to show that drama doesn't lie only in blood and destroyed buildings but in daily life, in ordinary human beings.

Author: Jasmila Zbanic - Bosniak Director
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If you're acting, then there's a prescribed way to behave; whereas in life, there's no prescribed way. So acting feels like a comfortable way to get through the day.

Author: Jesse Eisenberg - American Actor
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A lot of people don't think they can count on me, but I've never missed a gig in my life.

Author: Johnny Thunders - American Musician
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Energy is necessary for economic growth, for a better quality of life, and for human progress.

Author: Mac Thornberry - American Politician
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Composing is my life blood.

Author: Morton Gould - American Musician
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