Phrases about 'Time'

Every time my manager approached big network executives or even cable, they told him I was too dangerous. They couldn't trust me.

Author: Andy Kaufman - American Comedian
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If your parents gave you fire to play with when you were two, you'd be standing in fire by the time you were an adult.

Author: Cat Power - American Musician
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Daniel Goleman has proven that two-thirds of the success in business is based upon our Emotional Intelligence as opposed to our IQ or our level of experience. As we look for the next crop of future CEOs, maybe it's time for America's corporations to start interviewing grads from the psychology master's programs rather than the M.B.A. programs.

Author: Chip Conley - American Businessman
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But just like I've always said when people complain about tee times, 'I just want a tee time. Just give me one so I can play.'

Author: David Duval - American Athlete
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Being closer to the genesis of this whole period, it captured the importance of the concept of making contact and accurately depicted the paranoia of the time. It's an excellent film.

Author: Dwight Schultz - American Actor
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I would say I have sort of a natural gift for character, and following one person's point of view at a time, and dialogue, but I'm not naturally good at strong plot.

Author: Emma Donoghue - Irish Playwright
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I think the power of persuasion would be the greatest superpower of all time.

Author: Jenny Mollen - American Actress
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When I was one day old, I learned how to read. When I was two days old, I started to write. By the time I was three, I had finished 212 short stories, 38 novels, 730 poems, and one very funny limerick, all before breakfast.

Author: Jon Scieszka - American Author
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With twenty six letters, you can create anything you like - any person, any world, any place, any emotion. And they are so potent, so powerful, and at the same time, they're marks on the page, and that's all. There's nothing else to them.

Author: Samantha Harvey - English Author
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I spend time with my wife. It's a luxury. We love travelling... we love going to nice, exotic places far away from the world and from prying eyes.

Author: Wissam Al Mana - Businessman
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