Phrases about 'Hope'

I never considered myself a writer. I'm a teacher. In a way, I feel kind of... kind of guilty for all the people who are writers who hope to be on the best-seller list someday, who live for that and don't get it, and it came to me as a kind of free gift, like God coming to Abraham and announcing, 'I've chosen you!'

Author: Allan Bloom - American Philosopher
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Hollywood is a strange, strange thing. I feel like I've been invited to a very exclusive ball and I'm just trying to make nice with everybody and hope that if they kick me out they'll at least give me a ride home.

Author: Darren Criss - American Actor
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Our goals and what we hope to achieve by moving to food assistance is even in supporting the crisis needs of the most vulnerable people, we provide them with the capacity to be more resilient to the next shock.

Author: Ertharin Cousin - American Public Servant
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Oftentimes when you see adaptations of books you like, you're let down. As an author, you assume that they are going to suck. A little bit of hope is dangerous.

Author: Gayle Forman - American Author
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To work for months and months and months, you kind of spill blood and give your heart and soul to something, and then you just sort of let it out into the universe and hope that people like it. How you see it in your head is never how you see it on the screen, so it's almost like an out of body experience.

Author: Jaime Ray Newman - American Actress
  Work , Heart , Soul , Hope

I hope to live long enough to see my surviving comrades march side by side with the Union veterans along Pennsylvania Avenue, and then I will die happy.

Author: James Longstreet - American Soldier
  Long , Happy , Hope , Die

I think the most important thing is to keep active and to hope that your mind stays active.

Author: Jane Goodall - English Scientist
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What I hope to do is create a play that investigates the ongoing violence toward women and children in the world, and searches for some kind of answer to the question, 'What Can We Do?'

Author: Marsha Norman - American Dramatist
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I hope to do films. Right now I'm just doing projects that are interesting.

Author: Melissa Joan Hart - American Actress
  Doing , Right , Hope , Interesting

President Kennedy understood the importance of equal pay for equal work and signed historic legislation that gave women around the country hope that one day their wages would be on par with that of their male counterparts.

Author: Rosa DeLauro - American Politician
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