Phrases about 'Tall'

I looked over and saw this man on the extreme right aisle sort of galloping to the podium. He was tall, he was thin, and the way he was galloping it looked as though he was going someplace much more important than the podium.

Author: Betty Shabazz - American Activist
  Man , Way , Important , Tall

Reaching the height of 6 ft. 5 in.; I never expected to be that tall. I just shot up.

Author: Calvin Harris - Scottish Musician
  Never , Just , Tall , Height

Since becoming a global star, if I may say so, I feel six feet tall.

Author: Deep Roy - Indian Actor
  Feel , Say , Feet , Tall

I'm real tall when I stand on my charisma.

Author: Harlan Ellison - American Writer
  Real , Stand , Tall , Charisma

The house I grew up in was a tall Victorian town house in Bristol. There were very big rooms, which were under-furnished and always cold.

Author: Philippa Gregory - British Writer
  Always , House , Tall , Cold

I wish I were tall, like my friend Lee Kwang Soo.

Author: Song Joong-ki - South Korean Actor
  Wish , I Wish , Friend , Tall

If I were but a man who would be tall, I would be me.

Author: Ryan Stiles - American Actor
  Me , Who , Man , Tall

I started to model because I thought I could use it as an excuse to others, like, 'Yeah, I'm tall because I'm a model.'

Author: Tao Okamoto - Japanese Actress
  Others , Like , Thought , Tall

Some models are naturally very thin, but if they aren't naturally like that, then what these girls do to their health to fit in... To be a size zero or a two when you're tall is incredible to me.

Author: Tatjana Patitz - German Model
  You , Me , Health , Tall

Goofy was the word that was used most often by my sisters because I've been this tall ever since I was 12 years old.

Author: Will Smith - American Actor
  Years , Old , Goofy , Tall