Phrases about 'Green'

It's a joy to help others. One of our longtime favorites is Rawhide Boys Camp, located 45 miles west of Green Bay.

Author: Bart Starr - American Athlete
  Help Others , Help , Joy , Green

When they discover I have a green card there may be some problems.

Author: Bruce Greenwood - Canadian Actor
  Problems , Some , Green , May

You don't think it was because a white man wrote it, a black man wrote it, a green man wrote it. What - doesn't make a difference! Doesn't make a difference. I think he did a good job.

Author: Cab Calloway - American Musician
  Black , Good , Man , Green

When I look at green trees on a sunny day, I don't know how to make an interesting picture of that.

Author: Edward Burtynsky - Canadian Photographer
  Look , Day , Green , Picture

I always figure I have this tree and there's always some green fruit that's not ready to pick or blossoms that are ready to flower; there are always some ready to drop off too.

Author: Graeme Murphy - Australian Dancer
  Tree , Green , Fruit , Flower

A motivated employee treats the customer well. The customer is happy, so they keep coming back. It's not one of the enduring green mysteries of all time; it is just the way it works.

Author: Herb Kelleher - American Businessman
  Time , Happy , Way , Green

And there is a beautiful thing which is wonderful, to look like a woman, not a green bean.

Author: Laetitia Casta - French Model
  Look , Beautiful , Woman , Green

I said, 'Ooh, Dad, I want the yellow ones.' He said, 'Where?' I said, 'Right there, Dad. I want the yellow ones.' Everybody goes, 'Those are green'. That's how I knew I was colorblind.

Author: Michael Rosenbaum - American Actor
  Want , Dad , Green , Yellow

The Green Party represents that majority point of view within the U.S.

Author: Peter Camejo - American Businessman
  View , Green , Party , Point Of View

I've worked with Terrence Malick, Werner Herzog, Olive Stone and David Gordon Green, and Damien Chazelle on 'First Man.' When you have someone at the helm like that, they're gonna make something great.

Author: Shea Whigham - American Actor
  You , Man , Great , Green