Phrases about 'Understand'

When I prepare for a role, I try to get inside the character's head and understand him.

Author: Aamir Khan - Indian Actor
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The last time I was pulled over was in 2005. I was going 55 in a 35 mile per hour zone - which I don't understand because you can barely even idle at 35 miles per hour. Anyway, I was ordered to go to traffic school. It was an 8-hour class and really painful.

Author: Danica Patrick - American Driver
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I have also come to understand Congress' need for a bipartisan as well as a partisan capacity.

Author: David Price - American Politician
  Need , Understand , Well , Congress

One must let the play happen to one; one must let the mind loose to respond as it will, to receive impressions, to sense rather than know, to gather rather than immediately understand.

Author: Edward Albee - American Dramatist
  Know , Will , Mind , Understand

I need the money. People don't understand how little money you make in a band.

Author: Evan Dando - American Musician
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There has been a terrible hemorrhage of educated women to the West where they can flourish. I understand, but it is terrible. We must stay home.

Author: Fatema Mernissi - Moroccan Activist
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To understand this Christmas record, you have to understand our ministry.

Author: John Tesh - American Musician
  You , Understand , Our , Christmas

There was a time before I felt I was a real writer, when I was a yarn spinner and I just wanted to tell story until it was over. But then there came a time where I was like, 'No, I want to understand something through writing this that I might have not understood before. I want people to come away with something to think about.'

Author: Joss Whedon - American Writer
  People , Time , Think , Understand

Our life is a book that writes itself and whose principal themes sometimes escape us. We are like characters in a novel who do not always understand what the author wants of them.

Author: Julien Green - American Novelist
  Life , Sometimes , Understand , Life Is A

There are too many people coming to parks doing the wrong things. They treat the parks like popcorn playgrounds. They don't understand what the national parks mean.

Author: Michael Frome - American Author
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