Phrases about 'Voice'

I support the rights of non-humans wholeheartedly with my voice, my money, my presence, my writing and any other way I can.

Author: Cecilia Dart-Thornton - Australian Author
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'The Voice' gave me the exposure that YouTube was never able to provide for me, just because I didn't have a label or that kind of opportunity before. It also kind of trained me as person and performer with an audience.

Author: Christina Grimmie - American Musician
  Me , Never , Voice , Opportunity

I would like to work with Ed Sheeran at some point. I really admire his songwriting, and I just think he has a great voice and great artistry. Who else? On the producer side of things, definitely Diplo: that'd be awesome.

Author: Daya - American Musician
  Work , Think , Great , Voice

Your voice is important - it gives away everything about you. The mouth is a muscle you have to work like you'd work at the gym.

Author: Jason Clarke - Australian Actor
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I've been a loud voice as a Democratic leader for years, but that's not my job now. My job is to represent fishermen and farmers - everyone.

Author: Joe Garcia - American Politician
  Job , Voice , Leader , Farmers

I was always the hero's girlfriend or wife - actually, the woman with no voice.

Author: Maggie Cheung - Chinese Actress
  Woman , Voice , Wife , Hero

The voice of God, if you must know, is Aretha Franklin's.

Author: Marianne Faithfull - British Musician
  You , Know , God , Voice

I like Joan Jett's 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' because it's got a nice low singing voice.

Author: Mel Giedroyc - English Entertainer
  Love , Singing , Nice , Voice

My voice is my improvisational instrument, the melody instrument. The guitar is harmonic structure. I'm not a good enough guitarist to improvise on it.

Author: Paul Simon - American Musician
  Good , Enough , Voice , Guitar

Singing bel canto is like walking on a tightrope - especially with a larger voice like mine.

Author: Sondra Radvanovsky - American Musician
  Singing , Like , Voice , Walking