Phrases about 'I Can'

I'm just the same as everyone - I can remember, growing up, watching the World Cup.

Author: Ashley Young - English Athlete
  Growing Up , World , Remember , I Can

I'm going through a divorce now. This is the second one, and like baseball, I'm not gonna get three strikes. I've been living by myself for five years and I'm very comfortable. I can play my guitar when I want to.

Author: Buddy Guy - American Musician
  Myself , Baseball , I Can , Guitar

I just want to learn as much as I can, and that comes from the people I surround myself with. So whether that is on a one-million-dollar movie, or 100-million-dollar movie, it doesn't really matter.

Author: Charlie Plummer - American Actor
  Myself , People , I Can , Matter

I can see now that a concept or even a feeling makes no sense unless out of our substance we spin around it a web of references, of relationships, of values.

Author: Ella Maillart - Swiss Writer
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I swing both ways. I can see things from a kind of conservative point of view and from a more socially liberal or left-wing point of view.

Author: Evan Davis - British Economist
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I am not a fanatic about anything. I do what I can do when I've got the time.

Author: Francesca Annis - English Actress
  Time , I Am , I Can , Anything

I can be very dry and sarcastic.

Author: Hayden Panettiere - American Actress
  I Can , Very , Dry , Sarcastic

I think my strengths are definitely - I'm a really good glider. I'm one of the fastest, like on a straight drag race, I can pretty much kill that.

Author: Nate Holland - American Athlete
  Think , Good , Race , I Can

I don't feel like I should pay somebody to do something that I can do.

Author: Tyler James Williams - American Musician
  Feel , Something , Like , I Can

I have to have that mentality that I can get open.

Author: Zach Ertz - American Athlete
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