Phrases about 'Guess'

I guess my style is a cross between David Bowie and Clint Eastwood.

Author: Dylan McDermott - American Actor
  Cross , Guess , Style , Between

I guess I'm a passionate person.

Author: Farrah Abraham - American Entertainer
  Person , Guess , Passionate

It's still going on. I guess it will be until Redmond quits, dies or is jailed.

Author: Farrah Fawcett - American Actress
  Will , Guess , Going , Dies

I wanted to be a musician, either a guitarist or a drummer. I guess my dreams were in the entertainment industry, and I landed somewhere along there.

Author: Israel Broussard - American Actor
  Dreams , Guess , Entertainment , Drummer

I have a different mentality than most guys, I guess.

Author: Jon Gruden - American Coach
  Than , Guess , Different , Mentality

Hollywood is sexist and age-ist, and that covers all the bases, I guess.

Author: Kyra Sedgwick - American Actress
  Guess , Hollywood , Sexist , Bases

I guess I'm too outspoken.

Author: Sharon Tate - American Actress
  Guess , Too , Outspoken

I guess you could say I'm a model slash hotelier slash actor slash screenwriter.

Author: Vikram Chatwal - American Businessman
  You , Say , Actor , Guess

I guess ultimately a lot of comedians just wanna be taken seriously.

Author: Will Ferrell - American Comedian
  Just , Guess , Comedians , Seriously

I guess I would model myself after the Bill Condons, the Frank Darabonts and the David Nutters if I were to direct a feature, which I would love to do, by the way.

Author: William Sadler - American Actor
  Love , Myself , Way , Guess