Phrases about 'Sound'

I do talk less now because the sound of my voice saying over and over the things I said years ago embarrasses and depresses me. Why do I say the same things over and over?

Author: Carroll O'Connor - American Actor
  Me , Voice , Saying , Sound

A MIDI file contains coded instructions to play a particular series of notes on an electronic music synthesizer. A MIDI file is more like a piano roll in a player piano than any type of sound recording.

Author: Charles Petzold - American Businessman
  Music , Like , Play , Sound

I've never been able to arouse any interest in myself for digitally produced sound, and so the computer turns me off.

Author: David Tudor - American Musician
  Me , Myself , Never , Sound

I don't think you can contrive any sound.

Author: George Shearing - British Musician
  You , Think , Any , Sound

My top beauty tip is to drink lots of water. It might sound lame, but it works.

Author: Georgia Salpa - Irish Model
  Drink , Beauty , Water , Sound

It may sound ambitious, but I really hope that modern design will spread all around the globe.

Author: Jil Sander - German Designer
  Will , Hope , Sound , Design

'Reign' - and this might sound cheesy, but it's a dream I had. I dreamt everything that happened in that song, woke up, and wrote the song.

Author: Kevin Morby - American Musician
  Everything , Song , Dream , Sound

I think that I sound a lot better than Diana Ross.

Author: Natalie Cole - American Musician
  Think , Better , I Think , Sound

It starts with a single sound. If there's something in that sound, then it's worth continuing.

Author: Steve Lacy - American Musician
  Something , Single , Worth , Sound

We're doing unusual records that sound big, have a pop feel, and we're getting better at it.

Author: Walshy Fire - American Musician
  Feel , Doing , Better , Sound