Phrases about 'Fart'

Fart jokes still work for me.

Author: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Danish Actor
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I couldn't fart in an elevator without people wanting to sue me.

Author: Tommy Morrison - American Athlete
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I can make the best fart noises. I can make, like, 10 different sounds at different levels.

Author: Isabela Moner - American Actress
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This is Luis's definition of diarrhea: "Mamiiiiiiiiiii, come on, I've made a fart poop!"

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If you can fart in front of somebody, you know that they love you.

Author: Thundercat - American Musician
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Verbal contracts are about as useful as a fart on a treadmill.

Author: Robert Rinder - English Judge
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I burp, I fart. I'm a real woman.

Author: Kate Winslet - Actress
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