Phrases about 'Doubts'

Normally, when I'm not performing or stealing, I second-guess myself; I have doubts.

Author: Apollo Robbins - American
  Myself , Performing , Stealing , Doubts , Second-Guess

It's only human to have a few doubts whether to play or not.

Author: Hugo Lloris - French Athlete
  Only , Human , Play , Doubts

I struggled with a lot of doubts around my songwriting and around what I was and what my purpose and mission were.

Author: Jens Lekman - Swedish Musician
  Purpose , Songwriting , Mission , Doubts

I'm in a happy state. I have no doubts about what I'm doing.

Author: Justo Gallego - Spanish
  About , Doing , Happy , Doubts

Medicine heals doubts as well as diseases.

Author: Karl Marx - German Philosopher
  Well , Medicine , Doubts , Diseases

Your doubts are generated by fear, and fear is a series of distorted thoughts.

Author: Leandra Medine - American Author
  Your , Thoughts , Fear , Doubts

I'm the sort of person that doesn't really have specific 'inspiration.' It probably comes more from my doubts and my desires.

Author: Natsuki Takaya - Japanese Artist
  More , Person , Inspiration , Doubts

I understand people have doubts, but I'm totally clean.

Author: Michael Irvin - American Athlete
  People , Understand , Clean , Doubts

A proof tells us where to concentrate our doubts.

Author: Morris Kline - American Writer
  Where , Us , Our , Doubts

Great knowledge breeds great doubts.

Author: Aristoteles
  Knowledge , Doubts