Phrases about 'Only'

There are guys in the game only because of steroids. They couldn't make it with their natural talent, so they had to enhance themselves. It sucks.

Author: David Wells - American Athlete
  Game , Only , Talent , Natural

The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders.

Author: Edward Abbey - American Author
  Only , Defense , Needs , Wilderness

You only have one thing to sell in life, and that's yourself.

Author: Henry Kravis - American Businessman
  Life , You , Yourself , Only

But anyone who knows anything about the music industry knows it's not only about the music.

Author: Isaac Hanson - American Musician
  Music , Who , Only , Anything

The greatest masterpiece in literature is only a dictionary out of order.

Author: Jean Cocteau - French Director
  Only , Literature , Out , Masterpiece

When the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century brought a rapid increase in wealth, the demand of workers for a fair share of the wealth they were creating was conceded only after riots and strikes.

Author: John Boyd Orr - Scottish Politician
  Only , Wealth , Industrial Revolution

Of course I get drunk, my brain is only the size of a walnut.

Author: Mark McKinney - Canadian Comedian
  Only , Brain , Drunk , Size

To think Being itself explicitly requires disregarding Being to the extent that it is only grounded and interpreted in terms of beings and for beings as their ground, as in all metaphysics.

Author: Martin Heidegger - German Philosopher
  Being , Think , Only , Ground

My only loyalty is to what's best for business, not to any set of constituents.

Author: Ram Shriram - American Businessman
  Best , Only , Business , Loyalty

The only thing I know is that we came from the stars, and that we have the same material as the stars. That's all that I know. Everything else I don't know.

Author: Sonia Braga - Brazilian Actress
  Everything , Know , Only , Stars