Phrases about 'Toronto'

Toronto is like a city of grandmas.

Author: Earl Sweatshirt - American Musician
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Toronto is home; nothing beats home.

Author: Ellen Wong - Canadian Actress
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I'm just this kid from Toronto who got his start.

Author: Hayden Christensen - Canadian Actor
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I have a dear friend here in Toronto, Sarah Millman, who has helped me a lot as a stylist.

Author: Karine Vanasse - Canadian Actress
  Me , Here , Friend , Toronto

It took Cianfrance 12 years to bring 'Blue Valentine' to the screen after he first conceived it. He found Gosling and Williams early on, and they hung in there with him. The film finally premiered at Sundance 2010, then screened at Cannes and the Toronto Film Festival before landing in theaters in December.

Author: Katie Hafner - American Journalist
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Of course Toronto might as well be Buffalo, because we get each other's TV.

Author: Kevin McDonald - Canadian Comedian
  Because , Well , Get , Toronto

I have a passion for animals and spend a lot of my spare time working with various organizations here in Toronto.

Author: Lara Jean Chorostecki - Canadian Actress
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Toronto is an amazing place to be as a family.

Author: Sarah Rafferty - American Actress
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I bought a house in LA, hanging out there and spending a lot of time in Toronto, but not much.

Author: Scott Speedman - English Actor
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Toronto is my favourite city in the world.

Author: Poo Bear - American Musician
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