Phrases about 'Magic'

Our globalized, automated economy is full of magic - Everyday Low Prices and next-day delivery on that single Gatorade you one-clicked. But it is also full of loss - of jobs, of the dignity of steady work, of chances to rise.

Author: Anand Giridharadas - American Author
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When I was a boy living in Edinburgh in Scotland, especially in December, when the hours of daylight were few, and it was cold, and often wet, I used to dream of escaping to a tropical magic kingdom.

Author: Angus Deaton - British Economist
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Oh, he's magic. Faulkner has opened passages in my brain. You do things you'd never expect.

Author: Butch Trucks - American Musician
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In my research, what I found most interesting was how common and ordinary magic was to people in the past.

Author: David Liss - American Writer
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One thing changes every evening: It's the audience, and I'm working my magic. I'm always learning from it.

Author: Eli Wallach - American Actor
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I don't have a magic wand, and there is a lot we need to do right in Pakistan cricket to build a strong team.

Author: Inzamam-ul-Haq - Pakistani Coach
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A hit show takes Hollywood magic indeed, but it also takes a lot of math and science, plus the study of polls and trends to make and sell a TV show.

Author: Kristoffer Polaha - American Actor
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I don't want to lose my fitness. I'm 45. I have two babies. I've got a long way to go and I want to keep in tiptop shape. There's no magic bullet.

Author: Marcia Cross - American Actress
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The independents who were our fiercest competitors all succumbed to the one-hit-makes-you-a-genius philosophy. It is a mistake to think you have the magic touch. Show business is roulette. If you start to play for stakes you can't afford, there's no way you can survive.

Author: Samuel Goldwyn - American Producer
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My progression into acting was pretty slow. I was constantly performing in different kinds of small shows. One year I would be in a magic show, the next year in a circus show, then a small play, and then a dance show.

Author: Roberto Aguire - Mexican Actor
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