Phrases about 'Dream'

I believe in capitalism. I need to make a profit, but I would like to do it with ethics, dignity, morals. It's my dream.

Author: Brunello Cucinelli - Italian Designer
  Dignity , Believe , Dream , Ethics

Remember the Dreamers whose patriotism was praised when the Democratic House passed, and the Senate filibustered - the DREAM Act in 2010? Washington promised a path to citizenship, not just a roadblock to deportation.

Author: Christine Pelosi - American Writer
  Remember , Path , Patriotism , Dream

It's always been my dream to do a dance scene with Anthony Hopkins.

Author: Gary Sinise - American Actor
  Always , Dance , Dream , Scene

'W1A' is heightened naturalism, whereas 'The Windsors' is like the fever dream of a 'National Enquirer' reader.

Author: Hugh Skinner - English Actor
  Like , National , Dream , Fever

That's the thing about dreams - they're ineffable. If you can get to the bottom of it, it's not a dream.

Author: James Lapine - American Director
  You , Dreams , Get , Dream

It's always been my dream to be an attorney, and I'm that weird breed of human being that loves being in a courtroom.

Author: Kimberly Bryant - American Scientist
  Always , Human Being , Dream , Weird

I was like, 'Whoa, I'm auditioning for 'Hunger Games?' That's like my dream come true. That's like a Trekkie auditioning for 'Star Trek.'

Author: Leven Rambin - American Actress
  Like , True , Games , Dream

My dream was to play for Chelsea - maybe I was bit naive.

Author: Patrick Bamford - English Athlete
  Play , Dream , Maybe , Naive

The magic is you can change more things than you could ever dream of.

Author: Stephen Furst - American Actor
  You , Change , Dream , Magic

All my favorite books and movies are franchises like 'Harry Potter' and 'Lord of the Rings,' so that was always the dream, that maybe I'll get to write a series of my own.

Author: Victoria Aveyard - American Author
  Always , Movies , My Own , Dream