Phrases about 'Found'

I've found that my athletes run their best races after about 10 weeks of intense training.

Author: Alberto Salazar - Cuban Athlete
  Best , Run , Found , Training

As a reader since very early, I have found myself drawn to rants.

Author: Claire Messud - American Novelist
  Myself , Early , Found , Very

We found that travel, especially online travel, has been quite resistant to economic cycles.

Author: Dara Khosrowshahi - American Businessman
  Travel , Found , Quite , Economic

I entered economics because of a course I took on 'information economics,' which I found fascinating.

Author: Eric Maskin - American Economist
  Because , Found , Information , Economics

The existing U.N. can be found in the writings of early Communist leaders.

Author: G. Edward Griffin - American Author
  Early , Found , Communist , Leaders

We have found that the Ministry of Defence was slow in responding to the threat of improvised explosive devices and that delays in providing adequate medium-weight protected patrol vehicles should not have been tolerated.

Author: John Chilcot - British Public Servant
  Been , Found , Slow , Defence

Ways have to be found to maintain university research untramelled by requirements of forecasting application or usefulness.

Author: John Vane - English Scientist
  Research , University , Found , Application

When I found out Cusack was involved, I liked that a lot.

Author: Ray Liotta - American Actor
  Out , Found , Involved , Liked

I'm not toeing the line when I say BBC3 is an incredible channel - it has evolved and found itself.

Author: Stacey Dooley - English Director
  Say , Line , Found , Incredible

I have found serenity at Monaco.

Author: Stephan El Shaarawy - Italian Athlete
  Found , Serenity , Monaco