Kids Phrases

While traveling, José asked his father: "Dad, where am I going to die?" His father replied: "We don't know that, but why do you ask?" And the boy replied: "Never to go."

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Adriana, when stepping for the first time into a pool where she was standing, exclaimed: "Hey, this pool does have a floor!"

  Humor , Swimming Pool

Alejandro took money from his father every day from his wallet. One day his father caught him and asked: "What are you doing? Are you robbing me?" Alejandro replied: "I'm not stealing it, I'm finding it ".

  Money , Robbing

Pablo came home from class one day and, very happy, he said to his mother: "Mom, I know what balls are called; they told me at school! They are called tentacles!"

  Humor , School

Lupe is 5 years old, she was having dinner at her grandparents' house and there was ratatouille with eggs, which she doesn't like at all. She did not want to eat it but her father insists that she has to eat it: "the things that you do not like must also be eaten." In the end, she reluctantly eats it and when she finishes, her grandmother tells her: "Lupe, you dinner very well so tomorrow I'm going to make you whatever you want to eat, what do you want, chips?", To which Lupe responds: "No grandma, I want you to do something my father doesn't like!"

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Eloi, 3 years old, was playing riddles and his father asked him: "See, tell me an animal that gives ham and chorizo", to which the boy replies: "Grandpa!"

  Riddles , Ham , Grandpas

Lucia, 5 years old, the first time she saw some Falleras on the street she said: "Halaaa, how beautiful they are and then they are going to burn them!"

  Burn , Falleras , Fallas

Carlos, 8 years old, is at his sister's communion mass and the priest says: "here we are all Christians." At that moment Carlos says: "Excuse me, but I prefer to be Messi"

  Mass , Christians , Mesi

Eloi when she was 6 years old: It was carnival time and she went down the stairs of her house with her father when they came across a neighbor who was taking down the garbage. The lady wore glasses, she was heavily painted and wore a flowered robe. Eloi, who was disguised as her, stared at her and asked: "And what are you disguised as?"

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This is Luis's definition of diarrhea: "Mamiiiiiiiiiii, come on, I've made a fart poop!"

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