Kids Phrases

While traveling, José asked his father: "Dad, where am I going to die?" His father replied: "We don't know that, but why do you ask?" And the boy replied: "Never to go."

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One day Gonzalo was asked: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The boy, very angry, replied: "What I don't want to be is people."

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Pablo came home from class one day and, very happy, he said to his mother: "Mom, I know what balls are called; they told me at school! They are called tentacles!"

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One day, talking about the things that each animal gave, Charlie said: "Sheep give wool, cows give milk, and pigs give the sausages that are their shit"

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Eloi, 3 years old, was playing riddles and his father asked him: "See, tell me an animal that gives ham and chorizo", to which the boy replies: "Grandpa!"

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Carlos, 8 years old, is at his sister's communion mass and the priest says: "here we are all Christians." At that moment Carlos says: "Excuse me, but I prefer to be Messi"

  Mass , Christians , Mesi

One day Sara, 5 years old, says to her father: "Dad, when you and Mommy got married, was I there?" And her father answers: "No daughter, you came later", to which Sara replies: "Oh of course, to the wedding party"

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Eloi when she was 6 years old: It was carnival time and she went down the stairs of her house with her father when they came across a neighbor who was taking down the garbage. The lady wore glasses, she was heavily painted and wore a flowered robe. Eloi, who was disguised as her, stared at her and asked: "And what are you disguised as?"

  Humor , Costume , Carnival , Disguised

Eloi was being cared for by a friend of her parents. When they were going home, she asked him: "Eloi, are you cold?" And he replied: "I'm neither hot nor cold, I'm in the weather."

Luis's mother asked him: "Don't go!" And he exclaimed: "No, if I don't go!"

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