Phrases about 'Eggs'

I have to have breakfast, and breakfast has to be eggs, whether in omelet form, hard-boiled, or over-easy.

Author: Chrissy Teigen - American Model
  Form , Breakfast , Whether , Eggs

The world is full of hopeful analogies and handsome, dubious eggs, called possibilities.

Author: George Eliot - British Author
  World , Possibilities , Handsome , Eggs

I cook some damn good eggs!

Author: Kevin Durand - Canadian Actor
  Good , Some , Damn , Eggs

It was admitted by the early rabbis that the sectarians could be as full of good works as eggs were full of meat.

Author: Lionel Blue - British Clergyman
  Good , Early , Meat , Eggs

I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.

Author: Queen Elizabeth II - English Royalty
  Myself , New , Breakfast , Eggs

I'm not into pancake things. I'm into eggs. Lots of eggs.

Author: Sam Heughan - Scottish Actor
  Things , Lots , Eggs , Pancake

I put all my eggs in one basket and invested in property. I didn't do anything internationally - it was all in Ireland.

Author: Shane Filan - Irish Musician
  Anything , Basket , Property , Eggs

No one makes better scrambled eggs than me.

Author: Rob Gronkowski - American Athlete
  Me , Better , Than , Eggs

I like putting all my eggs in one basket and then watching the basket very carefully.

Author: Stanley Druckenmiller - American Businessman
  Like , Watching , Then , Eggs

Eggs are one of my all-time favorite foods, and making the over-easy egg is a test of skill.

Author: Wylie Dufresne - American Chef
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