Phrases about 'Health'

We will never privatise the National Health Service.

Author: Andrew Lansley - British Politician
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There is no question that managed care is managed cost, and the idea is that you can save a lot of money and make health care costs less if you ration it.

Author: Charlie Norwood - American Politician
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We need to be careful when we talk about cutting health care costs. They are not going to be reduced - what we really want to do is do is slow the rate of increase.

Author: Dave Obey - American Politician
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What I want is a strong NHS delivering the highest standards of care anywhere in the world, and that is true to the founding values of the NHS, and I hope that, looking back on my time as health secretary, people can see that, actually, the foundations for that change were laid in the period that I was health secretary.

Author: Jeremy Hunt - British Politician
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Health care missed the PC and Internet revolutions, but it can't afford to miss the cloud and mobile revolution.

Author: John Sculley - American Businessman
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And again, President Obama's health care plan really is another drag on the economy. Until we get Washington out of the way, this president's recovery is going to continue to rank dead last.

Author: Kevin Brady - American Politician
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We didn't exist. Ronald Reagan didn't say the word 'AIDS' until 1987. I've tried desperately to get a meeting in the White House; Gay Men's Health Crisis is already an established organization. I have a certain presence.

Author: Larry Kramer - American Playwright
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Unfortunately, we are still in an age where individuals may be discriminated against because of health conditions.

Author: Lois Capps - American Politician
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I had hoped all of Congress would recognize that it is imperative for our health, economy, and national security that we address the effects of climate change before they get even worse.

Author: Mark Pocan - American Politician
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Our health care system squanders money because it is designed to react to emergencies. Homeless shelters, hospital emergency rooms, jails, prisons - these are expensive and ineffective ways to intervene and there are people who clearly profit from this cycle of continued suffering.

Author: Pete Earley - American Journalist
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