Phrases about 'Carnival'

I went to the carnival a lot. The carousel was my favorite ride as a kid.

Author: Melanie Martinez - American Musician
  Ride , Kid , Carousel , Carnival

I was sure that somewhere a grandiose carnival was going on in the sky, and I was missing it.

Author: Eve Babitz - American Artist
  Sky , Somewhere , Missing , Carnival

Eloi when she was 6 years old: It was carnival time and she went down the stairs of her house with her father when they came across a neighbor who was taking down the garbage. The lady wore glasses, she was heavily painted and wore a flowered robe. Eloi, who was disguised as her, stared at her and asked: "And what are you disguised as?"

  Humor , Costume , Carnival , Disguised

The film 'Black Orpheus' is one of my favorite films of all time, which is set in Carnival in Brazil.

Author: Win Butler - American Musician
  Time , Black , Brazil , Carnival

That's exactly what Octomom is: a carnival attraction.

Author: Nadya Suleman - American Celebrity
  Attraction , Exactly , Carnival

'Carnival Row' is us looking at the stranger; 'The Curiosity' is the stranger looking at us.

Author: Travis Beacham - American Writer
  Looking , Us , Curiosity , Carnival