Phrases about 'Grandparents'

My grandparents bowed to the Americans and sought to learn from them. My parents sought to be them.

Author: Alex Tizon - Filipino Author
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About two years into living in Toronto, my apartment burned to the ground. My husband and I ended up living in his grandparents' attic for a year and a half.

Author: Annie Murphy - Canadian Actress
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I lived on the farm with my parents and grandparents. I had no playmates as a young child, and I was indulged. I helped my grandmother piece quilts, and we made pretty albums, an old-fashioned pastime. We cut poems and pictures out of magazines.

Author: Bobbie Ann Mason - American Novelist
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Going out in Paris was like going out in the '30s dressed like the Andrews Sisters. It was everything I'd seen in books at my grandparents' house, only it was our generation.

Author: Christian Lacroix - French Designer
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We're a really close family, and that was what my grandparents promoted.

Author: Deborah Joy Winans - American Actress
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I suppose I would like to find out more about my grandparents because I knew them when I was too young to grasp that they were interesting people. They were my grandparents, source of treats.

Author: Jeremy Hardy - British Comedian
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My parents aren't crazy conservative. They're actually pretty open-minded. But my grandparents are, and where I'm from, East Texas, is the Bible Belt.

Author: Kacey Musgraves - American Artist
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The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy.

Author: Sam Levenson - American Author
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I'm raising my daughter with her grandparents in the picture, and that feels good.

Author: Paula Cole - American Musician
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Grandparents who want to be truly helpful will do well to keep their mouths shut and their opinions to themselves until these are requested.

Author: T. Berry Brazelton - American Author
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