Phrases about 'Grandparents'

My grandparents bowed to the Americans and sought to learn from them. My parents sought to be them.

Author: Alex Tizon - Filipino Author
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My dad keeps joking about sneaking into my grandparents' house and switching out their HBO for PBS so they think I'm on 'Downton Abbey.'

Author: Allison Williams - American Celebrity
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Going out in Paris was like going out in the '30s dressed like the Andrews Sisters. It was everything I'd seen in books at my grandparents' house, only it was our generation.

Author: Christian Lacroix - French Designer
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Both my grandparents were officers in World War Two, and I would be personally offended if somebody distorted their achievements.

Author: David Ayer - American Director
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My grandparents used to bring me books every time they saw me.

Author: Gabrielle Zevin - American Author
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My father's grandparents came from Norway and settled in the Scandinavian bastion of Minnesota. As a little girl in Tempe, Arizona, I daydreamed about picking cloudberries by a fjord in a fresh Nordic wind.

Author: Kate Christensen - American Novelist
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My grandparents and my mom came from Cuba back in the '60s because they were fleeing from communism and Castro. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

Author: Lauren Jauregui - American Musician
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Grandparents who want to be truly helpful will do well to keep their mouths shut and their opinions to themselves until these are requested.

Author: T. Berry Brazelton - American Author
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My grandparents have taught me that since I was younger: just to be involved in a whole bunch of different things so you don't get burnt out, and you know what you like to do and what you don't like to do.

Author: Willie Cauley-Stein - American Athlete
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Lupe is 5 years old, she was having dinner at her grandparents' house and there was ratatouille with eggs, which she doesn't like at all. She did not want to eat it but her father insists that she has to eat it: "the things that you do not like must also be eaten." In the end, she reluctantly eats it and when she finishes, her grandmother tells her: "Lupe, you dinner very well so tomorrow I'm going to make you whatever you want to eat, what do you want, chips?", To which Lupe responds: "No grandma, I want you to do something my father doesn't like!"

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