Phrases about 'Wander'

I read the Drudge Report! And wander around Facebook sometimes!

Author: George Dyson - American Historian
  Sometimes , Read , Facebook , Wander

I was a fantastic student until ten, and then my mind began to wander.

Author: Grace Paley - American Writer
  Mind , Student , Then , Wander

When I think of Sherlock Holmes, I think of a guy who can wander into the confusion of life and sort of pluck out answers at will.

Author: Graham Moore - American Writer
  Life , Think , Will , Wander

I can just let my curiosity wander unleashed.

Author: James C. Collins - American Businessman
  Just , I Can , Curiosity , Wander

Minds will wander even during the Last Judgment.

Author: Mason Cooley - American Writer
  Will , Last , Wander , Judgment

I didn't wander into motherhood or nonmotherhood unconsciously, recklessly. I gave it due consideration.

Author: Sheila Heti - Canadian Writer
  Wander , Motherhood , Gave , Consideration

We are so much the victims of abstraction that with the Earth in flames we can barely rouse ourselves to wander across the room and look at the thermostat.

Author: Terence McKenna - American Writer
  Look , Earth , Room , Wander

Indeed it is better to postpone, lest either we complete too little by hurrying, or wander too long in completing it.

Author: Tertullian - Roman Author
  Long , Better , Wander , Complete

Shah Rukh Khan should remember that if a huge mass in society would boycott his films, he will also have to wander on streets like a normal Muslim.

Author: Yogi Adityanath - Indian Politician
  Will , Remember , Society , Wander

I live in Brooklyn, in Williamsburg, so I just like to wander around. Williamsburg's such a cool little neighborhood community spot.

Author: Zoe Kravitz - American Actress
  Live , Community , Cool , Wander