Phrases about 'Machine'

The direct market has evolved into a machine that is very good at selling corporate-owned superhero titles published by two main companies: DC and Marvel.

Author: Chris Roberson - American Author
  Two , Good , Selling , Machine

I'm not a ball in a pinball machine. I know what I want.

Author: Emile Hirsch - American Actor
  Know , Want , Ball , Machine

It's so empowering to see yourself as a machine.

Author: Jennie Finch - American Athlete
  Yourself , See , Machine , Empowering

Grass-roots politics, linking small-dollar fundraising to massive local volunteer organization, showed that it can rival the power of a right-wing machine comprising super PACs backed by entrenched interests and mega-donors.

Author: Jon Ossoff - American Director
  Politics , Power , Organization , Machine

I have a 'Golden Tee' machine in my house.

Author: Lane Kiffin - American Coach
  House , Machine , Golden , Tee

Breaking the back of the Chicago machine, it's quite monumental.

Author: Lori Lightfoot - American Politician
  Back , Quite , Chicago , Machine

A house is not a machine! It's something else for living - but not a machine.

Author: Moshe Safdie - Israeli Architect
  Something , House , Living , Machine

I'm a human being, I'm not a machine. I'm 72. I'm dyslexic.

Author: Robert Blake - American Actor
  Being , Human , Human Being , Machine

My washing machine overwhelms me with its options and its sophistication.

Author: Uma Thurman - American Actress
  Me , Machine , Options , Washing

Leaving Interscope was not a personal thing. These record companies are a certain kind of machine, and we weren't able to function in it.

Author: Yolandi Visser - South African Musician
  Function , Personal , Machine , Leaving