Phrases about 'Create'

If I can create the minimum of my plans and desires, there shall be no regrets.

Author: Bessie Coleman - American Aviator
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In a capitalist society, persons who create capital, like Michael Eisner, are given the staggering rewards.

Author: Carroll O'Connor - American Actor
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When you're a freelance director, you are hired to create the art, and it kind of stops there.

Author: Diane Paulus - American Director
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If we continue to address the issue of the environment where we live as though we're the only species that lives here, we'll create a disaster for ourselves.

Author: Gaylord Nelson - American Politician
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We live within this reality we create, and we're quite unaware of how we create the reality.

Author: James Turrell - American Artist
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We create monsters and then we can't control them.

Author: Joel Coen - American Director
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A hundred years ago, of course, the question that the German Composers' Co-operative asked itself sounded a lot more fundamental: How do you create a fair share for those who ensure that works can actually be performed at all?

Author: Johannes Rau - German Statesman
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I can create a vibe without saying anything, just by being in the room.

Author: Lou Reed - American Musician
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In 1978, there was a 14-year-old boy working in Newark. He did in fact create the inter-office mail system and called it email. What they did before 1978 was text messaging.

Author: Shiva Ayyadurai - American Scientist
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Art consists of reshaping life, but it does not create life nor cause life.

Author: Stanley Kubrick - American Director
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