Short phrases

In the '80s I started running, staying in shape.

Author: Jerry Jeff Walker - American Musician
  Started , Running , Shape , Staying

I've been told I have pretty big hands my whole life.

Author: Jared Goff - American Athlete
  Life , Pretty , Hands , Big

We have nine hungry Rottweilers on the farm.

Author: John Entwistle - English Musician
  Farm , Hungry , Nine

I like to give my inhibitions a bath now and then.

Author: Oliver Reed - English Actor
  Like , Give , Now , Bath

The reality is, Ted Cruz has seen his best day.

Author: Paul Manafort - American Businessman
  Day , Best , Reality , Seen

I have always said what is in my heart.

Author: Raveena Tandon - Indian Actress
  Always , Heart , Said

I see myself as an arbiter of taste.

Author: Vera Wang - American Designer
  Myself , See , Taste , I See

I am never guided by a possible assessment of my work.

Author: Vladimir Putin - Russian Statesman
  Never , Work , I Am , Possible

Whoever loveth me, loveth my hound.

Author: Thomas More - English Author
  Me , Whoever , Hound

I underestimated the power of 'Diego.'

Author: Tory Lanez - Canadian Musician
  Power , Underestimated , Diego