Short phrases

I work out, I play sports, I go to concerts.

Author: Angie Everhart - American Model
  Work , Go , Sports , Play

I always wanted to fire rays out of my fingertips.

Author: Len Wein - American Cartoonist
  Always , Out , Fire , Rays

I never slept outside of my home.

Author: Paz Vega - Spanish Actress
  Never , Home , Outside , Slept

It's easy to gain weight when you're in the studio.

Author: Sean Kingston - American Musician
  You , Easy , Gain , Gain Weight

Music is all of a sudden much more colorful.

Author: Pharrell Williams - American Musician
  Music , More , Much , Colorful

Beauty and the devil are the same thing.

Author: Robert Mapplethorpe - American Photographer
  Beauty , Same , Devil , Same Thing

I'm a big baby. I'm not tough at all.

Author: Tom Sizemore - American Actor
  Tough , Big , Baby

I've always been a misfit.

Author: Tracey Ullman - British Comedian
  Always , Been

I've always had a desire to play a cop or FBI agent.

Author: Tricia Helfer - Canadian Actress
  Always , Desire , Play , FBI

What position didn't I play last season?

Author: Aaron Hill - English Poet
  Position , Play , Last , Season