Phrases about 'Mic'

I used to stand in front of the mic and cry.

Author: Isaac Hayes - American Musician
  Cry , Stand , Used , Mic

It's an enthralling experience to be in front of the mic and record a song.

Author: Aditi Rao Hydari - Indian Actress
  Song , Experience , Front , Mic

I'm really articulate when I do my thing - when I speak on the mic, when I do interviews. I'm a colorful personality.

Author: Tito Ortiz - American Athlete
  Personality , Speak , Mic , Colorful

The star, the person who's on the mic, always gets seen.

Author: Skepta - English Musician
  Always , Person , Seen , Mic

I'm confident as hell when I step in front of the mic.

Author: Jeremih - American Musician
  Hell , Step , Confident , Mic