Phrases about 'Ages'

Bullying happens at all ages and levels.

Author: Ralph Macchio - American Actor
  Happens , Bullying , Levels , Ages

This Epistle, is therefore a legacy to the Christians of all ages.

Author: John Strachan - Canadian Clergyman
  Legacy , Therefore , Ages , Christians

There are three terrible ages of childhood - 1 to 10, 10 to 20, and 20 to 30.

Author: Cleveland Amory - American Historian
  Three , Childhood , Terrible , Ages

I like playing all sorts of ages and genders.

Author: Chris Lilley - Australian Comedian
  Like , Playing , Ages

There's room for a diversity of ages on television.

Author: Bill Kurtis - American Journalist
  Television , Room , Diversity , Ages

In all its myriad manifestations, the language of anti-Semitism through the ages is a dictionary of non-sequiturs and antonyms, a thesaurus of illogic and inconsistency.

Author: Paul Johnson - British Journalist
  Language , Through , Ages , Dictionary

What I want is to be well-respected around all ages and all around the world.

Author: Lucky Blue Smith - American Model
  Want , World , Around , Ages