Phrases about 'Accepted'

Cocktail music is accepted as audible wallpaper.

Author: Alistair Cooke - American Journalist
  Music , Cocktail , Wallpaper , Accepted

When you relentlessly work, you gradually get accepted.

Author: Amit Shah - Indian Politician
  You , Work , Get , Gradually , Accepted

Secrecy, once accepted, becomes an addiction.

Author: Edward Teller - American Physicist
  Once , Addiction , Accepted , Secrecy

I never accepted Communist dogma or theory.

Author: J. Robert Oppenheimer - American Physicist
  Never , Theory , Communist , Accepted

My gayness became quietly accepted and, shock of all shocks, life went on.

Author: Lance Loud - American Actor
  Life , Accepted , Quietly , Shock

Immigrant communities have been genuinely accepted in London.

Author: Sadiq Khan - British Politician
  Been , London , Immigrant , Accepted

Repentance is accepted remorse.

Author: Sophie Swetchine - Russian Author
  Accepted , Repentance , Remorse

A couple of weeks after that, Zebra Books phoned with an offer, and I accepted.

Author: Stephen R. George - Canadian Author
  Books , After , Offer , Accepted

The accepted versions of the Bible are all substantially correct.

Author: William Bell Riley - American Clergyman
  Bible , Correct , Accepted , Versions

Darwin himself recorded the fact that he accepted the Malthusian idea.

Author: Trofim Lysenko - Russian Celebrity
  He , Himself , Fact , Accepted