Rewriting sentences related to Memories using reporting verbs

Examples rewriting sentences using reporting verbs

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Some reporting verbs very useful we can use are: accuse, advise, beg, blame, encourage, refuse, threaten

Examples: Rewrite the sentences below using reporting verbs

  1. "I won't lend you the money", said Uncle Tom (refuse)
    Uncle Tom refused to lend me the money
  2. "It's Harry's fault we missed the train", said Mum (blame)
    Mum blamed Harry for missing the train
  3. "Nicole stole my husband", said Mrs Day (accuse)
    Day accused Nicole of stealing her husband
  4. "I didn't break the window", said Fred (deny)
    Fred denied breaking the window
  5. "Try hard in the race", said my trainer (encourage)
    My trainer encouraged me to try hard in the race
  6. "Please, please, Annie; stop crying", said Benz (beg)
    Benz begged Annie to stop crying
  7. "I'm going to tell Mum if you don't do it", said Elliot (threaten)
    Elliot threatened to tell my Mum if I didn't do it
  8. "Get to bet early before the exam", said Mrs Day (advise)
    Mrs Day advised me to get to bed early before the exam

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