Endurance: My Year in Space and How I Got There

What astronaut Scott Kelly (New Jersey, 1964) tells us from his experience in Space

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Astronaut Scott Kelly in space

Scott Kelly is one of the people who has been in space the longest, away from our protective Earth.

Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly is one of the people who has been in space the longest, away from our protective Earth. He is the author of the book "Endurance: My Year in Space and How I Got There", where he narrates his unique experience living in space and relates it to his own personal experiences.

Twins Study

As a result of this stay in space, a study relates the effects of prolonged space flights with changes in the astronaut's telomeres. NASA has published in the journal "Science" the study called "Twins Study". It analyzes the health effects of prolonged space flights. The report compares tests on Scott Kelly, who spent nearly a year on the International Space Station (ISS), with his identical twin Mark, also an astronaut, who was left on the Earth.

Is it rejuvenated to be in space? Telomeres

We can say that in the case of Scott Kelly the astronaut rejuvenated in space and aged when he returned to Earth again. During his stay in space, his telomeres lengthened, a sign of rejuvenation, but when he returned they shortened again and did so even more than before.

Susan Bailey, researcher at Colorado State University

Dr. Bailey is a teacher and biologist in the Department of Radiological and Environmental Health Sciences (ERHS). Part of her current research program includes being one of 10 researchers selected by NASA for the "Twins Study."

This study explains that a prolonged stay in space has effects such as the following:

  • Telomere elongation that returns to its size or even reduces when returning to Earth.
  • Alterations in bacteria, which can affect immunity.
  • Changes in gene expression.
  • Increased stress.
  • Reduction of cognitive ability.

Scott's experiences

In his book and as a strong point of it there are many experiences that Scott himself tells us and that will bring us closer to his experiences in Space in a very special way as well as to his entire life process until becoming an Astronaut and embarking on challenges each more difficult.

Something as everyday and simple as sitting down to dinner with your loved ones can become the most missed thing when you spend a long time away. This is known to astronauts and other professionals who spend long periods away from home. Experiences like this make us value in a very special way those little things of the day to day that are often not valued.

Scott tells us about his home experiences. If you read the book you will realize that those experiences can be as epic as the incredible journey into space, which is also very well described in the book, with very interesting anecdotes and curiosities. He tells us details about the investigations in space, experiments, the organization on board, the relationship with the media. Reading this book of experiences and this dreamed trip to space is worth it.

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