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Things to do at home during Confinement

226 views · 14-03-2020

If you are looking for things to do at home these days, here is a list.

These days being at home has become an act of solidarity with the rest of the world, with our neighbors, family and friends. The first days have been hard and but we have been able to verify that in some way we are creative when looking for things to do at home during confinement:

Do want ideas about what to do during this confinement? Here are some !

To tidy up the closet

A wardrobe offers us many storage possibilities. When looking for something, having it tidy will help us save time and headaches.

Study languages

This may be a good time to improve your study habits. As the proverb says, "knowledge does not take place." Take back the notes of that language that you started a while ago and go for it !

Virtual visits to museums

Perhaps you have used it before to prepare a visit. These virtual walks through the museums these days become an option to get to know them without leaving home.

Listen to music. Discover new groups!

Close your eyes and listen to music through the internet. You can search for playlists based on your mood and jump randomly from song to song. It will even be a good way to get to know new music that you haven't heard before.

Spend time reading

A classic. Read a book that you want, on paper or in electronic format. If you have internet and you have a user in a public library, you may be able to access a large number of books and magazines comfortably from your sofa.

Exercises with your own weight

Yes, stay home, but don't stop. We must move according the possibilities of each one. Do some exercise to maintain muscle tone. If you have knowledge or did any sport, continue doing a similar activity as much as possible. If not, you can search the internet for workouts, try them out and keep the exercises that best suit you. Always without forcing and before any discomfort stop and change exercise or leave it for the next day.

Watch movies

Another classic. There are many platforms to watch movies online. If you are subscribed to any of them, you have it easy, but there are also many alternatives that have been opened for movies, theaters, concerts ... Some libraries also have movies for online loan.

Time without screens. Draw and write

Oh, how good it is to turn off the screens for a while and do something creative. It can be a good time to write a diary, poetry, a story. Also for drawing or making a comic. Or for photography. Even to get into the kitchen and experiment or learn new recipes.

Create your own music with what you have at hand

Music is one of those hobbies you can spend a hole life learning. If you have an instrument around the house, take the opportunity to play with it, to create something of your own. If you do not use your imagination and with things you have at home you can surely do some rhythm or something interesting, at least will have a fun time.

Table games

If you are with your family at home, grab that box of board games that you might have somewhere around and take a few games. Have a laugh all together. If you are alone, connect by video call with friends, family and play!